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The problem in today’s world is that families have never been more disconnected with each other, children have never had more stimulus around them which stops them from being naturally creative, focus and connected. It trains their brain to have very short attention frame, to absorb content but not create their own visualization and imaginations. This means that children will grow up with very low social & creativity skills.

The Technology world has unleashed a brand new drug in a society called social media that helps our brain to shut down after exhausted and stressful day but in reality, we are living with way more stressful lives than ever before.

In the morning before we open our eyes, our arm stretch to grab a smartphone. The temptation to just check emails or social media account in every 5-minute has made all of us addicted to digital screens.

Research has shown that stress levels among young children and families have gone up tremendously. They get angry really quick & they have behavioral and health issues. That’s a huge problem and potentially means that smart intelligent children are going to grow up without any leadership, social skills or creativity skills. Families will be going to become sponges to content with too many increments.

About the Founder
Our founder Vinnie Mehta Who has 20 years of experience working as an artist for film & TV shows like Captain America and Smallville. She was a nominee for Canada’s version of Oscars, Gemini Awards under the category of best visual effect.
Now she uses her gained experience of filmmaking to capture the attention & imagination of children and parents to bond families together with music, art, and filmmaking concepts without digital.She believes in nature’s law of creation, which helps us, connect seamlessly and we celebrate our entire life. When we create stuff together we connect immediately.

About our program
Our family digital detox programs are based on 3 principles create, connect and celebrate, which leads to deeper relationships with creative conversations, better mental & physical health. Also, it helps to increase understanding and acceptability between parents and children through their collaborative activity.

Why are we doing what we are doing?
Vinnie had been working in digital media to create art and animations with the intention to inspire, entertain and connect families & friends. Unfortunately the opposite is happening, today Dad & Mom are engulfing in their screen and children wanting to buy Xbox to play with their friends online but not in person. The digital media is taking over real play and connections.

We want to bring back hundred’s of eye contacts, thousands of smiles, and millions of heart full conversations which unknowingly get lost with our head down and eyes glued to screens.

We want to recreate mindful and deep family relationships where technology is a tool to makes us laugh together and help us connect better. Be a master of technology and let it be your slave and not otherwise.